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None Of Them - One Of Them (2014)

None Of Them - One Of Them (2014)


Debut album by Michal Ho and MC Signup's new combo 'None Of Them'! Making music for the twenty-second century, the duo is constantly deconstructing its stylistic boundaries and following traditions only to destroy them. On stage, Signup (Anymouse, Big Zis, Grenzgnger) is the master of ceremony, Michal Ho (Tuning Spork, Nice Try Records) is the selector. "Vocals glide over beats generated in little boxes full of flashing lights, sometimes smooth, sometimes razor-sharp. While Signup is an amazing live performer at the front of the stage, it is approriate to also point out Michal Hos achievements as an excellent producer for the past twenty years. His first steps led him into jungle music in the mid nineties and evolved into a first release as Mijatoho on Straight Ahead Recordings. From then on, Michal Ho slowly got seduced by four to the floor music and turned into bass loving electronica and techno producer that he is now. Collaborations with Samim and Jay Haze on Labels such as Get Physical and Tuning Spork got him a big boost and took him to play gigs all around the world. Check out the interview on Resident Advisor where Michal talks about his approach and his experiences back in those days - its worth the read!



Artist: None Of Them
 Title Of Album: One Of Them
 Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Nice Try Records
Genre: Electronic, Indie, Alternative
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 43:13 min
Total Size: 101 MB

01. None Of Them - Black Tears (Original Mix) (03:15)
02. None Of Them - Lucky You (Original Mix) (03:21)
03. None Of Them - Sneaky (Original Mix) (01:58)
04. None Of Them - Blazing Tongues (Original Mix) (03:29)
05. None Of Them - It's Coming (Original Mix) (03:11)
06. None Of Them - Fruits On the Floor (Original Mix) (02:44)
07. None Of Them - Strange Little Paradise (Original Mix) (03:16)
08. None Of Them - Space Ideas (Original Mix) (02:39)
09. None Of Them - Never Dance for Money (Original Mix) (02:32)
10. None Of Them - Dues (Original Mix) (03:19)
11. None Of Them - No More Time (Original Mix) (02:10)
12. None Of Them - Bubbles (Original Mix) (02:29)
13. None Of Them - Darkroom (Original Mix) (02:50)
14. None Of Them - Silence (Original Mix) (02:58)
15. None Of Them - Try to Fuck My House (Original Mix) (03:10)

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